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Stanley Park Brewing



Stanley Park Brewing

Stanley Park approached us to revamp their 2021 video marketing and tie it together with a massive OOH/print push for their largest brands.

360 Video Campaign and OOH concept + production

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We were tasked with bringing to life a brand campaign that not only spoke to the Stanley park brand as a whole, but illuminated their star brands for 2021. We pulled together a team that was incredibly experienced in crafting campaigns from the ground up. We created the concept and worked through every piece of execution flawlessly to deliver an engaging campaign that because one of their most successful.

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Stanley Park Brewing

Our approach

In order to create a campaign that worked across multiple mediums we needed something simple yet incredibly effective. The concept needed to work in short form video as well as on 20ft billboards and magazine print ads.
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Concept & Writing

Our seasoned writers worked with the brand to get to the heart of what they wanted to say, and then set about making that entertaining and fun to watch.


Bringing the scripts to life allowed the entire team to see the concepts visually and lend their expertise to crafting a world class campaign.

Film production

All spots were shot during the Covid pandemic - we shot 6 spots back to back which took days of planning to ensure we didn't fall behind - we also needed summer weather in March in Vancouver.

Post Production

Our editors, animators, sound designers and colorists all got to work as soon as the footage was out of the camera - the tight post production schedule meant we had to push these out simultaneously.
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