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Obakki Foundation

We have been working with the Obakki Foundation for a few years on various trips to Africa to document their various causes.

Branded documentary filmmaking in the furthest corners of the world.

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The Obakki Foundation is doing some amazing work in the furthest reaches of the world. In 2018 they brought us along on one of their trips to Central and West Africa to document the impact that clean water has in the northern region of Uganda. Our team landed on the ground and created 6 beautiful films documenting the various livelihood initiatives that the foundation has running in these regions of the world.

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Obakki Foundation

Our approach

Shooting in these parts of the world comes with a host of challenges. We needed to be small so we could get access to these areas without causing a commotion, but also want to deliver beautifully cinematic films high in production value.
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Prepping all the gear into small carry on luggage was no small feat. Traveling into these parts of the world requires discretion and consideration for the people you'll be filming.


After many plane rides, car rides and boat rides, we got the crew and gear to the most northern part of Uganda into the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp where we filmed for a week.

Film production

All filming took place inside the Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp and was shot on the Red Monstro for the best image we could get.

Post Production

All footage was then sent back to our editors where they assembled the 6 films. Sound design and color was all done via for collaboration between our team in NY and client in Vancouver.
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