At 34, Justin Baldoni seems to have it all. The actor, director and documentarian best known as Rafael Solano on CW’s hit show Jane the Virgin, but he also heads his own production company, Wayfarer Entertainment, leads a foundation, Wayfarer Foundation, and has produced and starred in the most watched Youtube web-series of all time, a chronicle of young people with terminal illness called My Last Days. As if that weren’t enough, he also recently welcomed his second child with his wife, the Swedish actress Emily Baldoni. So, yeah, you might think Baldoni has the perfect life, but that idea — the notion that men should have wives and children and money and power — is exactly what Baldoni rebels against.

Directed/Produced by Paul Burger
Cinematography by Justin Hamilton

Produced for Fatherly

Shot on Location in Los Angeles, California using Red Cameras.